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Norte de Macanao

The peninsula of Macanao is an extraordinary and little known place of Margarita- It is located in the west side of Margarita Island, united to the island by the national park “La Restinga”. Macanao has very few habitants, making it ideal for those persons who want to get away from big crowds or that want to tale a “breath” in the season, or also in some weekends, when the beaches in the island are usually crowded.

La Pared (The Wall), for example, is an excellent beach located in the North of the Peninsula of Macanao. In one of the sides of the beach there is even a fishermen village.

Playa La pared
“La Pared” Beach

the fishermen village
“La Pared” with the fishermen village in the background

Macanao has two big attractions that make the trip of a little more than half an hour, worthwhile:

Marine Museum

The Marine Museum is to be found in the biggest city of the peninsula, Boca de Río.

Skeleton of a whale in the Marine Museum
Skeleton of a whale in the Marine Museum

The Marine Museum receives us with a gigantic whale skeleton, making the entrance the favorite place for tourist for a family photo. The museum counts with ship, fish, corals, perls, and turtles exhibitions. It has an aquarium, not very deep, where you can find “cat-sharks” and sea turtles. It also has a room sponsored by the “Fundación Polar” (Polar Fundation) that has an aquarium where you can see and touch a variety of living sea species. Visit the Marine Museum. .

Wall of the museum where different sea species and the deepness in which they are shown
Wall of the museum where different sea species and the deepness in which they are shown

Sea Horse
Sea Horse, in the aquarium “Cat-Shark”



Montaña larga
Picture taken during the horseback tour

Cabatucan offers horseback tours in Macanao, where you’ll notice that you are really in the wild west (of Margarita). This experience is unforgettable, not only for those experimented riders, also for amateurs and those who have never been on a horse. Click here to see some images of the trip.

Cabatucan possesses a nice architecture
Cabatucan possesses a nice architecture

Horse riding resides the sea
Horse riding resides the sea

Punta Arenas

In Macanao there are several beaches with fishing boats near. One of them, located in the occidental edge, is maybe one of the best beaches of Margarita: Punta Arenas. See more pictures of Punta Arenas and understand why we are convinced that this trip is worthwhile

Punta Arenas Beach
Punta Arenas Beach

Vista de Punta Arenas
Punta Arenas

Come with us to Margarita

Come to us to know all places of the Margarita island, and the neighbors Coche island and Los Frailes.


Porlamar en Margarita

El Valle en Margarita
El Valle

La Asunción en Margarita
La Asunción

Pampatar en Margarita

Playa Guacuco en Margarita
Playa Guacuco

Playa Parguito y Playa el Agua en Margarita
Parguito y Playa el Agua

Juan Griego en Margarita

Norte de Margarita

La Restinga en Margarita
La Restinga

Macanao en Margarita

El Yaque en Margarita
El Yaque

Coche Island
Coche Island

Los Frailes Island
Los Frailes

Margarita´s Beaches

Punta Arenas en Margarita
Punta Arenas

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