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El Yaque

Panoramic view of El Yaque Beach
Panoramic view of El Yaque Beach

One of the most peculiar beaches in Margarita is El Yaque. It is located behind the Margarita Airport, approximately 5 minutes from it. Windsurfers and families with little children are very common there. It has a lot of wind, calm waters and not very deep.


We could really say that El Yaque is divided in two beaches. The first one you find is the Eastern Beach, one of the favorite of the families with little children, because it a safe beach, no waves and very calmed. In one of the edges of the beaches there is a dock where kids like to jump and where the banana trips start.

Banana Trip
Banana Trip

Kid jumping into the water
Kid jumping into the water

Windsurf y Kitesurf

General view
General view

El Yaque is one of the best places in the World for Kite and Windsurf (without exaggerating). The lovers of these sports come all around the world looking for good wind, not very deep waters and sun during the entire year. The visitors of El Yaque are mainly from Europe and windsurf schools are hosted very frequently by French, English, American or German instructors.

Windsurfing in El Yaque

Windsurf in El Yaque
Windsurf in El Yaque

Windsurfing in pair

¿Why is El Yaque an exceptional place for Windsurf? It is because of several reasons. First of all, the wind is very strong and constant, and it is there almost all year, particularly from October to April. Second of all, the water there isn’t very deep, making it easier for those who want to learn how to Windsurf. Then, we can mention the nice wheatear, based in nice temperatures and sun all year long, due that in Margarita it never rains.

Windsurf in el Yaque

Reaching the shore

In El Yaque there are several Windsurf and Kitesurf schools. They have very good facilities and, of course, boards and equipment to rent.

Kitesurfing in El Yaque

In the past years, resides Windsurf some people make Kitesurf, that is similar to surfing but with the impulse of the Sail, like a kite. El Yaque also has excellent conditions for kitesurfing.

Kite surfing
Arriving the beach

Kite surfing
The pleasure of kitesurfing

Kite surfing
At all speed with the wind impulse

Lodging in El Yaque

The windsurf school
The windsurf schools have high quality equipment

Pool in one of the hotels
A small pool in one of the hotels

In El Yaque there are diverse hotels, inns and houses to rent. Some of them are right in front of the beach and other not so close, but all of them aren’t far away from the beach.

West beach
Sun, palms, sand and beach

Restaurant in El Yaque
One of the restaurants in the beach

Come with us to Margarita

Come to us to know all places of the Margarita island, and the neighbors Coche island and Los Frailes.


Porlamar en Margarita

El Valle en Margarita
El Valle

La Asunción en Margarita
La Asunción

Pampatar en Margarita

Playa Guacuco en Margarita
Playa Guacuco

Playa Parguito y Playa el Agua en Margarita
Parguito y Playa el Agua

Juan Griego en Margarita

Norte de Margarita

La Restinga en Margarita
La Restinga

Macanao en Margarita

El Yaque en Margarita
El Yaque

Coche Island
Coche Island

Los Frailes Island
Los Frailes

Margarita´s Beaches

Punta Arenas en Margarita
Punta Arenas

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