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Coche Island of Nacar and Salt

The island of Coche is a small island where you can relax and be in peace. Its name is Coche, and it is thought that the origin of the word is guiqueri and that it means “dear”. It is south from Margarita and about 10.000 persons are living there, distributed in small towns that can easily be visited in two hours.

The extense pictoric works of the margaritan Ramon Vasquez Brito (Nacional Plastic Arts Award 1950) has been very influenced by a long period during his youth where he lived in La Uva in Coche Island. Still today, the master keeps looking in his memories the colors and shapes of the island and hasn’t stopped representing the marine landscapes in luminous paintings.

Another case, Angel Hurtado (Nacional Painting Award 1961) has been inspired by a more dramatic place like the cliffs in El Coco Beach, which have been represented in his workshop in Margarita with chromatic expressions in amazing “OLEO” paintings.

This same cliffs in El Coco Beach look like the Grand Canyon in the US, although the scale is a lot more modest. Its bizarre formations of fluvial origin, indicate us that in remote times powerful rivers ran above its surface; thanks to the forces of the wind and erosion, we can now recognize some figures like: a lion, monkey, faces, an elephant or whatever you want to find. Its colors change depending of the sunlight and can take gold, pink, blue or blue green colors.

In Coche you enjoy of a variety of beaches, being the most beautiful among them all La Punta. It is three kilometers long, it has white and soft sand combined with calmed waters with a nice breeze; El Amor Beach is also famous and very adequate to go with your sentimental partner.

The hills and beaches in Coche have been scenery of sophisticated film productions, models that posed for famous magazines such as Vogue. The infrastructure is adequate to attend the needs; you can have access to phones and Internet.

There are some alternatives in order to get to the island: a small boat with roof leaves from El Yaque Beach (very close to the airport) and gets to Coche in only 30 minutes. If you prefer to take your car with you, you can take the Maria Libre ferry and enjoy a peaceful trip of an hour and a half leaving from the ferry terminal in Punta de Piedras, in Margarita. Another possibility is offered from the dock of the bay from the Concorde Hotel, with other tourist in some Yates or Catamarans, with music and drinks included. You can also get there by helicopter or a personal plain; well there is a landing platform near the hotels of about 1.200 meters long. In Coche you can hire cabs, motorcycles or bikes for a trip.

In the towns children play without watching out for cars. We recommend driving with special caution.

The two main hotels in Coche are the tradicional “Coche Paradise”, totally renovated, and the newly “Punta Blanca Hotel”, both in front of the Sea and integrated with Nature. Its bungalows individual structures and big “churuatas” (huts) with palm roofs are attractive and comfortable; both hotels count with all the comforts and organize the arrival of their guest to the island.

Many Venezuelans take some weekends to have fun there, most of them from Caracas that want to get away from the daily life. In the high tourist season, most of the gests, running away from the cold, come from Europe, Canada and South America, many of them lovers of kite and windsurf. Those who are very brave, make a 10 km trip from El Yaque to Coche on their boards. This sport (windsurf) is a very strong point in Coche and El Yaque, places of important championships, nationals and internationals. Many of the young boys in Coche and El Yaque have accomplished to classify in diverse championships and now represent us with success outside the country.

Those who prefer boat, car or bike tours and walking in Blanca Beach may also do it.

Birdwatchers will find an ideal environment for the observation: In El Saco you can find a lot of birds. Many exotic birds often can be observed in El Coco Beach and through the cliffs.

Our thanks to Cristina Rosenberg, author of the text and photos

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