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Vista desde el Roraima
En la cima del Roraima
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Caminando por la Gran Sabana hacia el Auyantepuy

La Gran Sabana

La Gran Sabana (The great plain) is located inside Venezuela's biggest national park: Canaima, in the Bolivar state south. It is an unique place with views that you will not see anywhere else in the world.

This national park has two very different parts: To the East you will find the Gran Sabana (described in this page). To the West you will find the Angel falls and Canaima lagoon. There is a link at the end of this page.


East Sector

The Gran Sabana has plenty of rivers and waterfalls. Here is just a small sample.

Los tepuyes Ilu-tramen, Karaurin, Guadacapiapuey (dedo de Dios), Yuruani, Kukenan y Roraima
Los tepuyes Ilu-tramen, Karaurin, Guadacapiapuey (dedo de Dios),
Yuruani, Kukenan y Roraima

En el tope del Roraima
ON the top of the Roraima

La  Proa, foto de un Tepuy desde arriba

You will find many "Tepuy", those flat top mountains with vertical walls. The highest one, Roraima, has an altitude of 2700 meters. Excursions can be made to the top.

La quebrada de Jaspe

One of the best attractions of the Gran Sabana is the Quebrada de Jaspe, it is a pass with soil out of reddish stone, called Jaspe. Visítala aquí

Kavanayen & Santa Elena de Uairen

Mision de Kavanayen & Santa Elena de Uairen por dentro


Mision de Kavanayen & Santa Elena de Uairen por fuera

The Gran Sabana has a very small population. There are some missions like Kavanayen (top left). Further south is Santa Elena de Uairen, the last Venezuelan village before entering Brazil.

How to get there

You need to take the road that goes from El Dorado to Brazil. The road is paved and in good conditions. However to reach the most interesting places (like some waterfalls) a 4 wheel traction is recommended. Some other places like Kavac must be reached by air. We can organize your excursion to the Gran Sabana.

Camino de tierra

Continue your visit

A beach in Canaima

Salto Angel
Salto Angel

Beautiful lagoon with great water falls, reddish water and pink sand

The highest waterfall of all, one of the nature wonders of the world.

Salto El Sapo
Salto El Sapo


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The highest mountain of all.
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