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Carlos Rivero Blanco
Carlos Rivero Blanco

Carlos Rivero Blanco

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Caracas, D.F.
November 9, 1942
married to Inés Fuentes García Educator
Carlos Manuel and Carlos Ramón
Spanish and English

Carlos Rivero Blanco graduated in the Biology Mention, School of Education, at the Andrés Bello Catholic University, 1972 in Caracas, Venezuela. Sponsored by the Venezuelan National Research Council for Scientific and Technological Research, CONICIT, he attended Graduate School at The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, Texas A&M University, U.S.A., where he obtained the degrees of M.Sc. and Ph.D., in Wild Life Sciences (Ecology), (1976 and 1979). James R. Dixon was his Major Professor. Carlos went through Tropical Ecology Field Studies with the OTS (Organizatión for Tropical Studies) and the University of San José, Costa Rica (1973) through a scholarship from the National Science Foundation, U.S.A.

Among his published projects, the book Objetivo: La Vida, of Monte Ávila Eds. and a series of Sunday articles in the Daily Journal and El Nacional newspapers, under his column "The Ecology Scene or La Escena Ecológica", between 1972 and 1980. Due, in part, to these contributions Carlos was granted the William H. Phelps Award for Journalistic Science Writing, by the Venezuelan Society of Natural Sciences in 1973. He is the author of The Ecological Scene in He is the author, of the project for the visitor guides to ten of the most popular national parks of Venezuela, being edited and published by Producciones Panambí, C.A. Carlos is the writer and photographer author o a proposed new site to learn about our national parks. His most recent project, in preparation and design phase, is, a site to reveal the natural environment of this tropical country. In these pages of Venezuela Tuya, Carlos contributes with photographs and brief notes on sites, animals and plants of our geography, inviting those who desire to learn about it, to visit and to enjoy the interesting aspects of nature that characterize the land and its inhabitants.

Carlos has been teacher and coordinator of Man and Environment courses at Simón Bolivar University. He taught Ecology in the School of Education at Andrés Bello Catholic University and Zoogeography in the Agronomy Department of the Central University of Venezuela; As a visiting lecturer, he taught Nature Photography, applied to Wildlife Research to graduate students at Texas A&M University. Planning and Conditioning of Tourism in Protected Areas in the Graduate Master programs of the Francisco of Miranda National Experimental University in Coro. Carlos recently started a project on environmental education and interpretation courses with the General Extension Department of Universidad Yacambú, n the central western area of the country.

In the field of parks of recreation and natural protected areas, Carlos has had a very intensive experience with Zoological Parks and National Parks. For many years he has supported the National Parks Institute in a series of aspects, especially in the organization and facilitation of the public workshops held to produce the bylaws of the National Parks and in the design and production of nature center museum exhibits in the national parks. Carlos is an Active Member of the World Commission of Protected Areas (WCPA) of the World Union for Nature (UICN).

During many years, Carlos has formed part, as an Ecologist, of important professional task teams, in project evaluations and environmental impact studies of petrochemical and oil industry developments. His field experience in the Venezuelan llanos allowed him to perform as an ecologist in environmental studies for the development of the Apure-Orinoco River System Axis.

As entrepreneur, through C.R.B. Consulting Ecologists, a professional services company in the environmental area has contributed with the MARNR, the PROA, HIDROCARIBE and INPARQUES. He has been sub-contractor for larger Venezuelan consulting companies as Caura, Ecodipla and Consultores Técnicos Integrales, among others.

Through his other company: C.R.B. Nature Tours C.A., Carlos has been an Ecoturism Operator since 1984. Operating excursions to natural areas in Venezuela. From 1994 through 1999, the company managed a concession of the Mucubají Visitor's Center, in the Páramo of Mucubají, in the Sierra Nevada National Park, Edo. Mérida. At present, Carlos is an active member of the Venezuelan Society for Ecoturism (SVE).

Other Experiences

A Professional photographer, with experience in the field and in color laboratory work. A specialist in Biological Fotomacrography. Columnist of El National and The Daily Journal, as author of "The Ecological Scene" a Sunday periodical conservation column. An author in the "Ambiente" magazine of the MARNR (The Venezuelan EPA). Professional experience in the Apple Macintosh OS8 and Windows computing platforms, in applications as spreadsheets, statistics, data bases, infography, digital processing of photographic images, graphic design, multimedia interactive presentations and word processing software. Venezuelan Radio HAM initials YV-5-IKS.

Cellular phone: (58) 16 607 4585
Telephone Messages: (582) 705 6610, key: 607 4585.
Web Text Pager: Write message in text box and send to # 607 4585.

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