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Cuare Nature Reserve

Corocoras (Scarlet Ibis) and herons in the treetops.

To the south of Chichiriviche, in the Morrocoy Nacional Park, the Cuare Natural Reserve can be found, called that way because it is a shelter for Wildlife animals, particularly birds.

band of scarlet
The corocoras flying through the sky

Herons an corocoras preparing for the night

The best moment to visit the Cuare Natural Reserve is early in the morning or at dusk, when thousands of birds arrive to the trees in order to spend the night. The sky is full of corocoras. We can remember the poet, Pablo Neruda as he said “… Una bandada de corocoras que se eleva hiriendo al cielo…” (“A band of scarlet Ibis that rise, hurting the sky…” referring to the red color of the scarlet ibis that seems as blood.

sunken ship
Sunken Ship

Breeding place for oysters
Breeding place for oysters

But the Cuare Reserve is not only birds. A good walk will include the sunken slip and the oyster’s breeding place.

The shrine of the virgin

The entrance to the shrine
The entrance to the shrine

The view to the see, from the shrine
The view to the see, from the shrine

One of the other attractive of the reserve is the shrine of the virgin. It is in a cave, with an open sky, where a virgin was placed.

With the passing of time, all the believers have been adding their favorite virgin. Therefore we can find the Virgin of Coromoto, the Virgin of Chiquinquira, the Virgin of Valle, of Guadalupe, of Lourdes, of Fatima, and so on… Unlike Indian cave, there is no dock, the water is not deep, and you can get close to the walls where the virgins are, walking.

Every believer has placed he’s favorite virgin

Boat parked at the shrine

The Cuare Nature Reserve, a place to come back

birds finding their shelter
Birds finding their shelter, short before dusk

When you go to Chichiriviche, enjoy the beaches and islands, but save some time in the afternoon, before sunset, to get to know this natural reserve.

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