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Cayo Peraza

Cayo Peraza beach

Paradise island in Chichiriviche, surrounded by corals, with lots of trees. No services.

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Paraguaná Peninsula - At the Northwest end of Venezuela, in Falcon State to the North of Coro, is the charming Paraguana Peninsula, which will warmly welcome you. The dry climate and the steady breeze that blows all the year round make this land a privileged one.

Chichiriviche - Chichiriviche is located in the state of Falcon. It presents a big touristy interest, by being one of the starting points towards the islands of Morrocoy National Park, together with Tucacas.

Tucupido - Very small island with palm trees and without crowds. No services. To reach it you must know well the region and lift the boat's engine because of shallow waters. A small paradise.

Francisqui - After Gran Roque, the most visited island is probably Francisquí. Located at a short distance to the east, it can be reached in a few minutes. What is more surprising about Francisquí is the color of the water. Dark blues contrast with turquoises. The san

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