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Rise to the Auyantepuy (Part 2/4)


Continuation to the narration of a rise to the Auyantepuy (Part 2/4). To see the beginning, click here.

Day 2: From Guayaraca camp to El Peñon

We left early from the Guayaraca camp. After a short walk through the savannah, we entered a little forest, which took us more than half an hour to get past, to enter another big savannah, with the Auyantepui to our right, which could be seen from time to time, when the clouds allowed. It was a swamped savannah, which we had to cross. At this time you ask yourself why did you took so long choosing the color of the boots. Here, they all become the same color: Mud color.

Path in the woods

Crossing the savannah

The wet tropical forest

Crossing a stream in the wet forest.

the auyantepuy

After the savannah, we got to a forest again. Here is where you understand quite well what you learned at biology from "Wet tropical forest". There was no doubt that it was a forest that it was wet (the slips while stepping certain rocks reminded us) and the heat identifies the "tropical". There, the rise began. It was long, tough, exhausting, but beautiful. Now and then, you could see between the trees a gratifying view. Finally, the effort was rewarded and we got to the second summit. After leaving the forest, the Auyantepui showed before us.

Ready for the lunch under the rock

The wall of Auyantepui

We had lunch under a big rock. Then, we left towards the tepui. There began a rise through a very steeply shortcut, to follow later through other trails, in the middle of the rocks until arriving the new camp, called, El Peñon.

El Peñon (The Rock) that is used as shelter

Taking a cold bath

El Peñon is a gigantic rock. Underneath it can be placed up to 10 tents. There is a little fall really close to it, in which only the brave, cold barer people can bath.

View of a close Tepui

We invite you to keep up with our excursion. We are close to the summit. In the next page we will narrate the arrival into the summit of the Auyantepui click here to continue.

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