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There are interesting museums in Valencia that keep an important part of its history. The local authorities have lately developed a certain concern for these historic buildings and some have been restored and put under the management of "Circuito de Museos de Carabobo" (Carabobo Museums Circle).

Páez's House(Casa Páez)

"La Casa Paez" (Paez House), one of the most attractive museums of the city, is just a block far from Valencia's Cathedral.

Paez House façade
Paez House façade

Inside yard and corridors
Inside yard and corridors

This house was the residence of the Independence Hero Jose Antonio Paez. It is a traditional colonial house with a central inside yard, halls and corridors. The house basement was used as a prison and refuge from political enemies.

Painting "Accion en Yagual" (Fight at Yagual)

Cannons at the basement
Cannons at the basement

The museum has a library too. Paintings of different independence battles decorate the walls of the house

The Star Home (Casa de la Estrella)

This house got its name from a well-known store that used to be at the corner of the street, which was called "La Estrella Roja".

Casa de La Estrella façade
Casa de La Estrella façade

Chapel. The floor that is original has been especially protected to prevent deterioration
Chapel. The floor that is original has been
especially protected to prevent deterioration

The house was originally San Antonio de Padua Hospital (1664). During Independence years, it used to be patriots meeting place. After the earthquake on Holy Thursday in 1812, due to damages in the structure, the meetings had to be held in the garden.

Corridors at
Corridors at "Casa de La Estrella"

Book that registers one of the first census of Valencia
Book that registers one of the first census of Valencia

In 1830, on the separation from "La Gran Colombia", it became the Constituent Congress head quarters. When this work was over, Jose Antonio Paez turned the house into "Colegio Nacional de Carabobo" (Carabobo National School), which in 1852 changed to "Colegio de Estudios Superiores" (Higher Education College) starting with Medicine lessons.

Garden view
Garden view

Another view
Another view

In 1904, Cipriano Castro closed the university.
In 1936 the house became "La Casa del Niño" (The Child´s House) and in 1960 a Cancer Hospital until 1990 when it is turned into a History Center.

The building has been recently restored and forms part of the "Circuito de Museos de Carabobo" (Carabobo Museums Circle).

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The Celis' Home (Casa de los Celis)

Celis's House

Celis's House

"La Casa de Los Celis" is another interesting house in Valencia. It is a History and Colonial Art Museum. During the Independence War, the house was sometimes occupied by Spaniards and some other times by patriots. In June 1821 the house was used as a hospital for the injured in Carabobo Battle.

The house that bears the name of the Celis family, who bought it in 1839, is nowadays one of the national museums that most genuinely represents the history and architectural style of colonial times.

You can visit good site about the House of the Celis:
La Casa de Los Celis

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