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Ideal for children because the water is very shallow and gets deeper very gradually. Has a restaurant, medium size palm trees. It is one of the islands closer to the ports of Morrocoy and Tucacas

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Cayo Sombrero - "Cayo Sombrero" (Key Hat) is one of the favorite islands, thanks to its two large beaches with palm trees. Snorkeling is easy and very rewarding. In this island overnight camping is allowed. You can also find a small restaurant and you will be offered oys

Punta Brava - It is the closest beach to Tucacas. You can drive to it, through a bridge (Toll = 1000 Bs - around 1 dollar). Very crowded on weekends. Few palm trees. Peddlers. There is a lagoon where you can rent boats and kayacs. You can also rent shades and chairs.

Pescadores - Its the most away island, with very few visitors. Large area of shallow waters, ideal for small children. Thanks to its coral reefs, has no waves, a lot of fish (the reason for its name: Pescadores=Fishermen), little vegetation. No services.

Mero beach - One of the islands with less visitors. To reach the beach you need a 200 meter walk. Palm trees, few services. Ideal if you want to avoid the crowds

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