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Cayo Muerto

Cayo Muerto beach

Is the closest island to Chichiriviche and has great abundance of palm tree.

Photograph Pablo Koe-Krompecher
Gracias a la colaboración de Alfredo Casseres

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Playuela - Behind Cayo Sombrero, one of the most visited islands. Small restaurant, shades and chairs for rent. One of the advantages is that you have two beaches to select from: Playuela, the biggest beach, point of entry; Playuelita, smaller and used for diving le

Mayorquina - Unlike most places in Morrocoy, Mayorquina is not an island. However the way to reach it is by sea, just as in all the islands.

Indian Cave - One of the interesting features of Morrocoy Nacional Park is to visit the Indian Caves, called that way by being caves with petroglyphs made by the natives. This caves can be found inside the Reserva Natural Cuare (Cuare Natural Reserve)

Paiclás - Ideal for children because the water is very shallow and gets deeper very gradually. Has a restaurant, medium size palm trees. It is one of the islands closer to the ports of Morrocy and Tucacas

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