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Map of Los Roques

Mapa de los Roques

As you can see, Los Roques is an archipelago (a group of islands and keys). The airport, and almost all the lodging facilites are located in Gran Roque. The keys more visited are Francisquí, Madrisquí y Crasquí, por estar más cercanos al Gran Roque.

One of the more beautiful keys is Cayo de agua, located in the west (left in the map). It takes around one hour to navigate from Gran Roque. If you have the opportunity, don't miss it.

Travel to Los Roques

If you wish to go to Los Roques, let us help you. We can find the right posada (inn) or boat, best suited to your needs and budget. You can see some of our packages (including flights) here, you can write us in english by email to [email protected], or even better, to our whatsapp business number +58-424-125,8634 in the image below:

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