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Caura Lodge -
Caura Lodge
Caura Lodge
Caura Lodge

Guayana - Caura

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Check In: 08:00, Check Out: 16:00

Day 1 Drive from Ciudad Bolívar to the Caura Lodge at Río Caura. Hammocks*. (-/L/D)
At 09:30 a.m. we pick you up at your Hotel in Ciudad Bolívar to load our Jeep. Our journey starts to Caicara del Orinoco, always going parallel to the Orinoco. The landscape looks like a hilly savanna, crossed by many small rivers with Moriche-palm trees ashore. The fruits of this tree are eatable and its fibre is used to make hammocks and a lot of arts and crafts by the indians. After one hour we reach the Río Aro and take a rest at the last gas station before our destination. The drive continues through savanna. Huge, black granite-rocks show up, extensions of the former Guyana-shield. The savanna offers an impressive panoramic view with its single growing palm trees loosing themselves in the overwhelming landscape of black rocks. Finally we take a small red dirt road to the south, which leads us through jungle to Las Trincheras. In the camp our hostesses are alreday expecting us. In the afternoon we start our first trip with an indian canoe (curiara). Our destination is the "Peña Negra", a huge granite rock laying like an island in the middle of the Caura. Up there we have a great view over the river-course and the deep green jungle. To watch the sunset we go back to our lodge. In the evening a big "parrilla" (barbecue) is prepared on open fire.

Day 2 5 - 6 hours passage in an indian canoe to the sandbank "Playon" at the rapids of Río Caura. Hammocks. (B/L/D)
After breakfast we load our curiara stowing away our entire equipment and baggage into waterproof containers. A Trinchereño accompanies us, knowing best the river with all its rapids and rocks laying beneath the water's surface. After half an hour we reach the first rapids, which we are passing safely. During the dry-season white beaches are visible, perfect for taking a bath or even a rest. From time to time we meet a curiara with indians living at the upper Caura (please no photos!). It is quite a comfortable ride as long as no tropic rain catches us. In the background we see the first mountains indicating that we are close to our destination. After 5 - 6 hours the white Playon-Beach lays in front of us.

Day 3 Jungle-Hiking to the "Para-Falls". Hammocks. (B/L/D)
Early in the morning the landscape is covered by dense fog slowly broken up by the sun. This fog phenomenon is caused by water heating up a lot during the day and the cool air laying over it during a clear night. After breakfast we walk through dense rainforest always parallel to the river which stays invisible running through a canyon 200 - 300 m away from us. Only two hours later we hear the thunder of the "Para-Falls". Next to us is the former research station Cadafe (electricity-company) conducted by indians living there now. We stay a while at the camp to watch the fascinating spectacle of the falls. In a lagoon above the falls we take an exciting bath. Before walking back there is a chance to buy arts and crafts from the indians.

Day 4 Return to Caura Lodge. Hammocks*. (B/L/D)
After breakfast and loading the canoes we start our way back to the camp. We arrive around noon. In the afternoon you have the chance to take a last bath in the river.

Day 5 Drive to Ciudad Bolívar. (B/-/-)
After breakfast return to Ciudad Bolívar.

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