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Caracas airport in Maiquetia (Simon Bolivar Airport)

maiquetía international airport simon bolivar
The airport viewed from the Avila (Picacho de Galipán)

The airport that serves Caracas is located in Maiquetia, by the sea side. It is located at 20 kilometers from Caracas, and travel time should be between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on traffic.

Simon Bolivar Airport

Maiquetía airport

It is a modern airport, just renewed, with all the facilities that you could expect in an international airport. It has three terminals: International, Domestic and Auxiliary (used for flight to Los Roques). From Maiquetía you can fly to the main cities in Venezuela, and in South America, Central America and North America. There are also several daily non-stop flights to Europe (Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt)

maiquetía desde el aire

Transportation to Caracas and close cities (Maracay o Valencia), can be done with the black cars of the airport official taxi company (avoid taking any non authorized taxi). You can also take public buses to Parque Central (Central park) in Caracas

What is more noticeable about Caracas' airport is the floor and some walls that have been created by venezuelan plastic artis Cruz Diez

Airport floor by Cruz Diez

On line flight information

Click here for online flight Information from the airport authorities

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