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The Venezuela from Yesterday – Merida State

“The Venezuela from Yesterday”, one of Merida’s theme parks, is in the route to Jají from Merida City. The theme of this park is the Venezuela from the 20´s, when for those times, Juan Vicente Gomez ruled. The tour starts in the main station (where the parking lot is to be found.) you buy the tickets and take a tram of the old Caracas until you get to the park.

tranvia de la antigua Caracas


When we arrive to the first station we are welcomed by a Colonel, who creates an environment that involves all visitors in the park theme. After arriving, the first attractions are: A small museum with antiques, The Guacharo Cave (where there’s a small copy of it) and Nueva Esparta (where you can participate in a show which rescues, with a lot of humor, the traditions of Margarita Island)

Recepción del parque

Espectacúlo en Nueva Esparta

Espectacúlo en Nueva Esparta

After our journey throughout the East, we arrive Barinas, where you can have lunch or simply eat something before arriving Portuguesa, where a sample of the famous church “Nuestra Señora de Coromoto” can be found. In this church a “priest” gives a peculiar lecture.

estado Portuguesa

estado Falcón

Just as we leave Portuguesa and its church, we find Falcon State. Were we can admire an antique car collection. Tourist can enjoy of this collection by taking themselves some photos in a special stage.

At the end of a small hill, there is a huge figure that represents the “Yare Devils”, originals from Miranda State. In this part of the park, visitors are explained about the typical Miranda traditions, were at the end of the demonstration, tourists can even take part in a typical drum dance.

estado Miranda

Plaza de Toros

Very near to Miranda State, the “Toro’s Square” is to be found, in Aragua State. Tourists can be specters of a peculiar bull chase, where some persons of the audience are transformed into protagonists.In this theme park, in every show and demonstration, Venezuelan traditions are rescued and humor is always present.

In Zulia, you go through a sample of the bridge over the lake, legacy of the State. There you can take a short boat trip. The paths of the park sometimes have surprises and very nice details. After crossing the bridge over the lake, we find Maracaibo, capital of the State. There you can have lunch or enjoy the performance of the “gaitas” (typical music of the region).

Paseo en el lago

Plaza Caracas

The next stop is the Caracas Square, where a musical band remembers how the Bolivar Square in Caracas was by the 20’s.

In Lara, the musical and art capital of Venezuela, you can presence a funny broadcast of the clandestine radio : “Radio Republica de Lara”

Radio Republica de Lara

Juan Vicente Gomez

Alter our trip in Lara, we arrive Tachira, where the General Juan Vicente Gomez gives a speech to the visitors of his birth state. Besides the president, you can also appreciate arts and crafts of the region.

To end our journey, we get to Merida State, where there is a very big antique car collection, with a photo stage where tourists can take some pictures with closes from the time on them.

Estado Mérida

This park is ideal for all ages and it’s one of the best atractions of Merida.

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