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Basilica of Tariba
Basilica of Tariba

The town of tariba is located in the outsides of San Cristóbal, a very short distance from it. It is a little small, beautiful of steeply streets. As almost all town of Venezuela it has a Plaza Bolivar, in front of a church that in this case was promoted to the title of Minor Basilica.

Plaza Bolivar of Tariba
Plaza Bolivar of Tariba

Tariba is called the first city of the State of Tachira. Even though it doesn't have a formal foundation, as in the case of Caracas or San Cristobal, Tariba developed in the place of an ancient Indian town, discovered by Alonso Perez de Tolosa (who was accompanied by Diego de Losada) in 1546. There, this episode is called "Entry of Tariba in History"

Francisco de Miranda's statue

Tree at the square

Crossing the Plaza Bolivar are some street sellers who offer regional candy, as well as souvenirs from the zone. There is also a nice square with its tree and a statue dedicated to Francisco de Miranda

Tariba's Basilica

Interior of the Tariba´s Basilica
Interior of the Tariba's Basilica

Shrine of the Tariba`s Basilica
Shrine of the Tariba's Basilica

This basilica is dedicated to Nuestra Señora de La Consolación, patron saint of the State of Tachira. It was declared minor basilica by Juan XXIII, the October 23 of 1959, thanks to the efforts of Monsignor Alejandro Fernandez-Feo Tinoco, bishop of the diocese.

Image of the Basilica

Miracle renovation of the image

Apparent fire attracts the neighbors

We invite you to keep your tour in, visiting in the section of Religion the page of Nuestra Señora de La Consolación, or going on the next links.

Thanks to Jose Ernesto Becerra Golindano (blog), ), of the Academy of History in Tachira for his clarification about the foundation of the city.

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