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City of Merida - Mérida State

Merida's cathedral

Founded in 1558, Santiago de Los Caballeros (its original name) is presently a beautiful city surrounded by impressive mountains, with a colonial down town of singular beauty where you can see the Bishop's Palace, the City Hall, The University buildings, the Cathedral recognized for its handsome architecture, colorful parks, and most enjoyable of all: its charming well-bred population.

Lado de la Catedral

Nave Central


The University ranked among the most prestigious ones in the country has been many prominent citizens' Alma Mater.

The University of Los Andes (ULA)
The University of Los Andes (ULA)

Bolivar Square View
Bolivar Square View

Beethoven's clock
Beethoven's clock

The Merideños (Merida's citizens) are highly fond of "la fiesta brava" (bull-fight), whose highest season takes place during "La Feria del Sol" the regional festivities that bring in the best known bull fighters.

Plaza de Toros

Los Chorros de Milla

Entrada a la Milla

Laguna con Patos

Salto de la Milla

At Los Chorros de Milla a beautiful local park, you will admire two splendorous high cascades (that give the park its name), luxuriant vegetation, pretty ponds and a small zoo. Altogether a fine place to spend a pleasant day.

Merida City is considered a tourist pole not only for the numerous attractions it offers but also for good standard hotels, inns, restaurants and most of all its friendly population.

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Route of the Snow - Trujillo - The journey from Valera (Trujillo State) to Merida City or vice versa, through the National Park Sierra Nevada is another tour you may highly enjoy. If you have the time, before reaching Timotes it is well worth making a detour to see the charming Jajo vi

Pico Bolívar - Pico Espejo (Mirror Peak) is one of those strange places where a person can find peace and silence in this hectic world. This is one of the highest places in Venezuela, 4,765 meters of above sea level, in the high Andes of Mérida, the northeastern branch

Mérida - El estado Mérida está ubicado en el occidente de Venezuela. Limita al norte con los estados Zulia y Trujillo, al sur con Táchira y Barinas, al este con Trujillo y Barinas y al oeste con Táchira y Zulia. Su capital es la Ciudad de Mérida.

Frailejones en Merida -

Espacio Publicitario

Fin Espacio Publicitario

Espacio Publicitario

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