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Dancers and Páramo la negra


Bailadores founded in 1578 owes its name to a certain kind of movements performed by the Indians in their combats against the Spaniards and which evoked a dance. It is located on one of the most fertile lands of the region where potatoes, beans, mushrooms, among others, are profusely grown giving the town an intense agricultural activity.

La Plaza Bolívar

La Plaza Bolívar
Photo taken by Marimilce Bizot

Beautiful surroundings, typical colonial architecture and other natural attractions make this town worthy of a visit.

Flores de la Plaza Bolívar

Bolivar Square full of flowers and leafy trees faces a lovely church enhanced by interesting stained-glass windows and frescoes.




The road to Paramo La Negra is adorned with stunning views.


Ladera con pinos

El Páramo la Negra

Subiendo el valle

Close to Bailadores is located Parque Caru (Caru's Park) ome of the beautiful cascade which gave birth to the Indian legend of Princess Carú, so artistically written by Antonio Perez Esclarin.

Carú Park

 El Salto India

La India Carú

It was Princess Caru's wedding day; her heart was bursting with joy and love. Caru's father Cacique Toquisay and his subjects were full of excitement and looking forward to their Princess marriage to the brave and handsome Mocoties Chief's son. Everything was set for the ceremony and the bride yearningly awaited her groom.

Suddenly, the sentinels' warning voices broke the festive ambiance. Some strange beings wearing shining clothes and riding on huge beasts had appeared on the horizon.

The Bailadores tribe (The Dancers tribe) got ready for the combat, so did the Spanish troops under Juan Rodriguez Suarez command. Spanish fire, iron and horses met the Indian macanas (stick, garrotes) and arrows. Native blood and bodies flooded the site; the groom was among them. Her heart filled with overwhelming pain, Carú carried her beloved to the mountain peak where the God of Life was said to abide and there, she earnestly begged The Divinity to revive her sweetheart. After three days of pleas and tears, she fell dead over her groom's lifeless body. The Mountain Divinity turned her copious tears into a gorgeous waterfall that would remind Caru's tribe of her tragedy.

(Traditional Venezuelan Legends by Antonio Perez-Esclarin).
This is the origin of the cascade you will admire when you visit Caru's Park.

La India Carú

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